Shopping apps benefiting retail
online & in-store too

Mobile apps are faster, easier, and better engage with customers, becoming the first point of call when it comes to shop online or in store.

62 %

of mobile traffic
in ecommerce

3 x

higher conversion with
App vs. Mobile site

200 %

more repeat customers
with App vs. Mobile site

62 %

of mobile traffic
in ecommerce

What’s native app and why it matters?

Research identified that native mobile app delivers the best user experience that turns fans & followers into loyal customers

Superior User Experience

Connect with customers on the move. 53% of global retail leaders are doing it.

Higher Conversion

Create a shopping destination where buyers can find anything they need.

More Engagement

Sell to 50x more customers without any additional expenses.

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The future of retail

Customers are hungry for something new – let them feast in your mobile marketplace. Our team will support you and take care of everything so you can focus on your sales and growing your business. It is a simple way to improve your brand and retain more buyers.

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Yes! You definitely need a mobile app as a retailer!

That’s a bold statement, but once you discover 10 most common questions asked by the retailers, you’ll find it difficult to disagree.


Ideal for any industry or merchant profile

Connect with your customers

More customers, higher conversion, and a better distribution strategy – all this while being part of your customer’s mobile journey.

Improve online appearance

Deliver personalized shopping experience to all your customers at the right time and build international trust around your identity.

Personalize the experience

Mobishop enables your brand to engage customers at the deepest level with next generation features available only in a native app.

Generate more sales

Sell more products to customers and save your time by using the right technology solution for your online store. No hidden costs, recruiting or development.

Free promotion

After launching your app on our platform, our promotion team with years of branding experience will make sure your app turns into a success story.

Retain more customers

Our platform enables you to offer different features, rewards, and discounts to your customers. They always come back if you treat them right.

Collect more payments

Our technology infrastructure will enable you to securely accept different online payments and offer more options to your customers.

Grow and succeed online

It was never easier and more affordable to establish online presence, sell and promote your products, and connect with the online generation.

Which App is Best for Your Strategy?

  • Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
  • Goals
  • Features
  • Quality of UX
  • Native
  • Control
  • Development Time
  • Maintenance Time
  • Setup Cost
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Custom Made App (mobishop)
  • Custom-made are great for companies with a big budget, needs especial features
  • Branding & Gaming
  • Complex and Customized
  • Advanced
  • Yes
  • Low (Relying on agency)
  • Long (3-6 months)
  • High (Custom coding)
  • Minimum of $40,000
  • High
  • Native App (mobishop)
  • This is great for brands, want superior user exp. & shopping features in reasonable budget
  • Revenue & loyalty
  • Advanced Shopping Features
  • Advanced
  • Yes
  • High (Manage in-house)
  • Short (3 - 6 days)
  • Low ( Integrated with webstore)
  • $0 setup, monthly fee $299
  • Free updates of new features

Which App is Best for Your Strategy?

It’s beautiful and really well functioning. The Unified shopping cart, and browse more and more stores are really give customers a reason to stay and shop.

Sadaf Amir

CEO - Sadaf Aamir