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GoLookbook – GoLoyal – Connected Store

The future of mobile shopping

A mobile app is a bite-size piece but when it comes to packaging up functionalities the sky really is the limit, as long as you ensure basic requirements of being genuinely useful and engaging to create experience that remarkably differentiate brand and gives a feel of personalization.

Connected Stores

Gomobishop integrates seamlessly with all your stores and allows its users to update all of their sales channels from a single backend.


Magazine like shopping. Allow app users a next level shopping experience with full screen product shots, smooth and super-fast pre-loaded photographs.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty feature is a key to turn average users to high potential users and finally loyal customers. It creates a personal relationship between your brand and your customer.

Unique App Features

We built GoFashionApp locally and using ‘local’ as an advantage. With over 15 years experience in fashion merchandizing, we teamed up tech-enthusiastic, customers’ insights in mind and ensure that the app meets the basic rules.
Inspiring Lookbook

No more PDFs for your latest campaign or new collection. Our custom-built lookbook feature delivers next level shopping experience. They seamlessly combine the fun of browsing beautiful photo shoots with the comfort of being able to buy straight from the photos. It’s a unique experience that lets your customers stay longer, return more often and spend more.


Offer your customers an in-app loyalty card, show incentives to earn loyalty points and reach out with special campaigns for your brand ambassadors. Online store, mobiles app and in-store, GoLoyal allows customers to earn and redeem earned rewards with free gifts and discounts. Loyalty programs helps increase app downloads, average spend and support retention.

The State of Mobile Acquisition Report shows that a small group of loyal customers accounts for a notable 78% of total mobile revenue.


To offer your customers a true Omni channel shopping experience, we connect your mobile retail app seamless to your brick-and-mortar store. We designed powerful in-store features like the barcode scanner and narrow casting to enrich your customer’s visit to your store. Also, we integrate your store’s loyalty program into your app.

Interested in GO Fashion App

We’d love to show it in person. Let us know if you’d like us to give a demo and show you all the great features of the platform in person, or if you want to be notified when we have more news.


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